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Born Rich | Men's Perfume | 30 ml Eau De Parfum

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1. Brand Story

Triumph in a bottle, the scent of invigoration, it's a fragrance for those who need to brim with an air of dominance and levitate their regal character. When decked up in a smart suit, tie, and a pair of brogues, find your confidence in Born Rich.

2. Notes

Step into the room with an energising blend of lavender, bergamot, lemon and petitgrain at the top. that awaken your senses. Unleash your charm with a spicy blend of Lily of the valley, prange blossom and corriander in the middle. And leave an unforgettable impression with captivating woody base notes of sandalwood, rosewood amber and musk.

3. Perfume Concentration

Eau De Parfum with 10% of Perfume Concentration

4. Longevity

A long-lasting perfume formula that lasts upto 8 hours and is safe on skin and fabric

    Born Rich | Men&
    Born Rich | Men&
    Born Rich | Men&
    Born Rich | Men&
    Born Rich | Men&

    Why Riya?

    • Proudly Made in India

    • 26 Years Of Trust

    • Imported Perfume Oils From France

    • Safe on Skin and Fabric


    Long lasting and fresh!

    Perfect for all occasions

    Budget Freindly

    Scent is absolutely amazing, indeed best perfume for men.
    Must give it a shot.

    best solid perfume try it once