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Bawri | Women's Perfume | 30 ml Eau De Parfum

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1. Brand Story

The scent of unbothered, untamed; Bawri is the little voice inside you inspiring you to love yourself. Sometimes mischievous, sometimes innocent; the fragrance captures anecdotes of a fearless soul and the little joys of their every day.

2. Notes

Transport yourself to a lush garden where the beauty of blooming flowers surrounds you with every spritz of this perfume. It boasts fresh and sparkling Rose, Fruity and Woody notes at the top , Fresh, Spicy and Powdery notes in the heart. The base notes of sandalwood leave a lingering warm and sensual impression.

3. Perfume Concentration

Eau De Parfum with 10% of Perfume Concentration

4. Longevity

A long-lasting perfume formula that lasts upto 8 hours and is safe on skin and fabric

    Bawri  | Women&
    Bawri  | Women&
    Bawri  | Women&
    Bawri  | Women&
    Bawri  | Women&

    Why Riya?

    • Proudly Made in India

    • 26 Years Of Trust

    • Imported Perfume Oils From France

    • Safe on Skin and Fabric


    Long lasting and fresh!

    Perfect for all occasions

    Budget Freindly

    Scent is absolutely amazing, indeed best perfume for men.
    Must give it a shot.

    best solid perfume try it once